Thursday, 14 July 2011

Happy Birthday Caroline

My friend Caroline celebrated her birthday on Monday. In true Usborne tradition we decorated her desk and chipped in for a present. I should let you know that Caroline dreams of running a little farm when she grows up (she turned 28 on Monday but we are informed she still has a lot of growing up to do but we hope to see the farm one day). One of the things she would like to keep on her farm is bees so we bought her a taster course in beekeeping! How awesome are we!? Because we are a bit slow in ordering presents, the voucher for the course didn't turn up in time. But funnily enough we are super fab designers and creative people so we pulled it out of our arse -*cough*- I mean we got together and created something a little bit more special anyway! Sam and I made our own voucher that hung inside of a special jar of honey. And to go with the present - and quite frankly because everyone loves cake - I made some bumble bee cakes to tie in with the theme. Take a look!

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